Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mummy brought me down last night.
And boy!
Was it a fun night. (:
I saw many cute things and cats!
Mummy took pictures.
And most of it is while carrying me.
*she says that she's afraid that i will chase the cats*

I saw this slimy shell and Mummy was pointing it out to me.
Then I noticed a little sluggy.

This cat was following us.
Because Mummy meowed back at it.
And Mummy was carrying me by then. (:

This is a better photo?
The cat was at last afraid of me! :D

Mummy and I saw another cat.
This one was meowing too.
So Mummy carried me and took a picture.

And this is by far, the cutest one.
And this little kitty isn't afraid of me! =p

Notice how I look?
So handsome when I am focused. :D

And yet the little kitty came closer to me.

When Mummy took me away, the little kitty followed.

And finally Mummy carried me and ran away. o.o
I saw so many kitty cats last night.
And I saw a white Maltese.
I peed but didn't poo.
Not even uptill now.
Well, I am sleepy.

1 comment:

powder-puff said...

hey RAINY!!!

WOW you saw so many kittys!!!!!

what a nice day out, loved all the photos!!!!

you sure handeled all those kittys well too, i would have gone CRAZY if i ever saw that many cats!!!

have a pawsome day RAINY

peace out