Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello friends!
Rainy is here to update.
Though Mummy have not gotten the adaptor for her big screen.

Let me start off with
27 January
It's bathing day again.
And so Ah-ma bathed me and blew dry me while lazy Mummy took pictures.

Grumpy face.


Handsome me.


You filming me?

Checking my infected area.

All done and waiting for my bone.

Ah-ma ordered 24 cans of my dog food for me. :D

26 January
Lapping it up.



Me and Ah-gong.

Men's talk.

Look at my shiny eyes.

And waiting for Ah-ma.

20 January
Bath time again.


My tummy.

Stupid comb.


Cute me.

Heavy rain.

Don't film me eating.

That's all people.
Bye! :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mummy is currently reporting off location.
Updates will be up once Ah-gong gets the adaptor for Mummy's big screen tomorrow.

In short, Mummy's big screen is on the verge of dying. ):
So I can't blog now.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Updates up tomorrow! :D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Afternoon everyone!
Mummy made a speedy recovery!
Thanks to me. :D


Mummy's back to school today.
And when she came home, Ah-gong went to work.
Then Mummy brought me down and used my new harness and my retractable leash!
Oh yah.
Ah-ma bought me a new set of leash and harness.
Its orange in colour to match my collar.
But Mummy didn't use the new leash earlier on as the retractable leash was lying there lifeless.
And so Mummy decided to revive it.
Erm, I think humans have a weird mind.

This Sunday, Mummy is going to the FCI Dogshow.
But she's not bringing me! ):
What kind of a Mummy is she huh huh?!
So I guess I will just rot at home with Ah-ma and Ah-gong.
Hmph! xp


Mummy told me to sit and pose.

I got angry and went to the floor.

My psycho Mummy still continued to take my picture.

So I gave her my puppy stare.

Oh! The horror of me having such a psycho Mummy.
And one that loves taking picture of my butt.

Not to say a psycho Ah-gong as well.
He wants to dognap me with his hanky.


Ahh. Here's a decent shot.
Come closer.


Yikes! Too close! xp

I am particularly happy recently for no particular reason. (:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mummy is sick. ):
Updates up this weekend.

Monday, January 7, 2008


Mummy bought a toy and 2 snacks for me.
Plus she made these 'ribbons' that was supposed to look like flowers.
In the end Mummy made them into something easier.

See? I think the big one is a flower.

The 'ribbon' on my toy.



The before.

Actually Mummy wanted to order a cake for me.
But it must be 2 days in advance.
Too late already. ):

Me with Ah-ma.
My fur is now short short.


Checking my neck area.


Fellow schnauzer.

Ah-ma say that other schnauzer's legs are short.
But mine is long long.
And so Mummy call me her,
'Special Schnauzer'. :D

And a big big
to every fellow doggie for the birthday wishes.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can say that I am quite a lucky doggie.
I got my e-collar off yesterday.
At least I don't have to wear it to spend my birthday.
And today I am going to the vet one last time to check on my wound.
If everything is fine, I can stop on my medication. :D

Now all I am bummed at is not being able to go to Pawtobello to celebrate my birthday. ):
But Mummy says that she will buy a big big present for me!
Better do so or else I will keep on whining.

Ah-ma gave me a full-grooming by herself and now my fur is short short SHORT!
And I look skinny.
Eh, all that "DIET" worked off right? xp



I really look skinnier.

Mummy didn't take a picture of my infected area.
For fear that I cry?
Bleah. xp
But I am glad that the e-collar is off me.