Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mummy brought me down last night.
And boy!
Was it a fun night. (:
I saw many cute things and cats!
Mummy took pictures.
And most of it is while carrying me.
*she says that she's afraid that i will chase the cats*

I saw this slimy shell and Mummy was pointing it out to me.
Then I noticed a little sluggy.

This cat was following us.
Because Mummy meowed back at it.
And Mummy was carrying me by then. (:

This is a better photo?
The cat was at last afraid of me! :D

Mummy and I saw another cat.
This one was meowing too.
So Mummy carried me and took a picture.

And this is by far, the cutest one.
And this little kitty isn't afraid of me! =p

Notice how I look?
So handsome when I am focused. :D

And yet the little kitty came closer to me.

When Mummy took me away, the little kitty followed.

And finally Mummy carried me and ran away. o.o
I saw so many kitty cats last night.
And I saw a white Maltese.
I peed but didn't poo.
Not even uptill now.
Well, I am sleepy.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mummy says that I look like a little baby. (:

Hmmm. Comfy.

Move the wheel and you DIE! (:<

Lazy afternoon.

Mummy says that I used to be so THIN!

After my bath. And now so FAT!

Lying on Ah-ma's arm.

Cocoon baby.

FAT CHANCE that I am going to share it with you.

RAHH! I chew. :D

So finally lazy Mummy has time to help me upload my pictures.
I am looking good each day.
I am back to update.

Aunt Alice and Uncle Andy came.
And Aunty Alice dotes on me so much.
i can sense the smell of other dogs on her
Mummy says that if she brings me back, I will probably have heaps of doggie friends. (:
Well, I was left alone at home with Uncle andy last night.
And this morning, I was a very good boy. :D
I peed and pooped downstairs in the morning.
Then I was left alone at home!
Poopers. ):

So I decided to be a naughty boy and pooped in the living room.
Then Ah-gong and Uncle Andy came back.
Uncle Andy took a picture of me and Ah-gong.
When Aunt Alice and Uncle Andy were about to leave, Mummy brought me along.
So I ran all about downstairs.
Mummy accidentally lost grip of my leash TWICE.
So I ran and ran.
Then Mummy shouted my name and I stopped.
it's scary

Currently, Mummy is still thinking of whether to bring me to Pawtobello next Rainday.
As Ah-gong may not be free and must take a taxi there.
Anyway, I have gotten my bath earlier on.
I take a bath once every 4 days! o.o
It's tiring.
Yeah yeah.
Humans *mumble*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have been a busy dog.
Sniffing around here and there.
Being a big sleepy head.

Mummy's 2 friends came over on Sunday,
or as I like to call it, Rainday. (:
Mummy was at home yesterday and today.
She brought me along to see the doctor.
But I stayed outside with Ah-gong.

Ah-ma let me sleep in the room on Rainday night and last night.
Provided that I empty myself before bed first.
Ah-ma took out a mattress specially for me.
Situated beside Mummy's bed. (:

Mummy isn't feeling well.
So she wants me to give her some rest now.
And then, it's bathtime!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ah-ma bought me a cage yesterday.
But it was too small for me,
so changed it today.
I got my license already!
Hooray. (:
Now I can run anywhere I like.

Mummy says that she's thinking of bringing me to the MS gathering on 2nd Sept.
Held at Pawtobello.
Never been there before.
PrayPrayPray that Mummy will be free on that day to bring me there to make new friends. ((:
Today I was left alone at home for 59827487501 hours. o.o
Ah-gong went to coach snooker and Ah-ma was at work.
While Mummy was in school.
When Mummy came home,
I jumped on her and wanted her to hug me.
But Mummy needed to clean up my poo first.
Oops. :x

Mummy says she's lazy to blog already.
Night. (:

Monday, August 13, 2007

Today I made Mummy very proud. (:
Let's just start with last night first.

I peed on Mummy's mattress. o.o
And Mummy was quite unhappy.
She kept telling me,
'NO pee pee here'
But I was confused.
So Mummy brought me to the kitchen.

At night, after Mummy finished her bath,
Mummy was surfing the big screenie intensively.
After staring for a while, Mummy went to the kitchen and I followed.
Mummy took out my squeaky toy and kept on squeaking while I jumped up and down.
Then Mummy started making barking noises at me while focusing on me.
I have no idea why Mummy did that but after a while, she stopped and gave me my toy.
Then Mummy said to Ah-ma,
'I think...blah...blah...Rainy is...blah...blah...mute...'
I pretended not to hear anything and continued with my toy.
Then when 2 lil boys walked pass the door, I stood there and looked.
One of them said,
'Eh...blah...blah...look a...blah...dog...'
While the other said,
'Why don't...blah...know how...blah...blah...to bark de...'

Mummy heard what they said and looked at me.
She called me over and sayang-ed me.
Then made me look at her in the eye while she said,
'Why you don't know how to bark huh? My baby Rainy boy.'
And then Mummy went to feed me my dinner.
At first, Mummy kept making barking noises at me while holding my doggy bowl behind her.
All I did was jumping up and down.
Mummy gave up and gave me my food.
After eating, Mummy continued to surf the big screenie,
while I laid down sleeping.
Ah-gong returned home and when he was near the gate,

Mummy, Ah-ma and Ah-gong were all shocked.
Immediately I ran over to the gate and Mummy praised me plus she gave me treats.
Wow. Yummy! (:
After that, Mummy was proud of me.
I am not sure whether it got to me that Mummy thinks that I can't bark,
but I am sure that at least now, Mummy is happy.

This morning when Ah-ma woke up,
she locked me up in the toilet so that I will pee and poo in there
but I didn't.
I was far too excited to get out to be able to quietly focus on my business.
Then, Mummy let me out and I peed in her room. o.o"
Mummy shook her head and kept on saying,
'NO! NO pee pee here!'
Then, Mummy took out my leash and was ready to bring me down for my walk.
Mummy is not going to school today
After walking for 10 minutes or so,
I pooped and Mummy got a newspaper ready.
I can see that Mummy was quite happy that I pooped downstairs.
Another thing that Mummy is proud of. (:

Mummy says that I am beginning to grow up.
And that Mummy will buy treats for me tomorrow after school.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yesterday was fun. (:
Mummy's friend came and she called me her 'grandson'. o.o
At first, Mummy said that the ball she bought is too big for me to bite,
BUT when Mummy threw the ball, I bit it in with my mouth,
and Mummy was so proud of me.
She asked me to give the ball to her but I ran away to play with it instead. :D

Mummy and her friend brought me downstairs for a walk at night around 8pm.
I finally took the courage to jump over the drain.
Once again, another thing that Mummy is proud of.
And I saw a lil Maltese puppy.
The puppy barked at me when I jumped on the owner.
But I didn't bark back, and that makes Mummy...
So, we walked for a whole 1.5 hours.
Ah-gong said that must stay downstairs longer so that I will pee and poo
but I didn't.
When we came up,
Ah-ma wants Mummy to clean my paws first before stepping into the house.

Afraid that I will relieve myself in the living room,
Ah-ma put me in the kitchen and closed the door.
But I miss Mummy loads and so I kept banging the door
that Ah-gong let me out.
Mummy and her friend played the big screen thing and I just quietly laid beside Mummy.
But then, it was time to go to sleep.
Mummy's friend was staying over.
Ah-gong accompanied me outside.
But I kept banging Mummy's room door.
Guess that kept them up.

Mummy is thinking of enrolling me into an obedience class.
But it's costly, so Mummy is thinking of finding a holiday job and whatever money she earns is going to be spent on me.
I won't let her down. (:

And today I woke up Mummy and her friend.
Because Mummy's friend was sleeping in Mummy's bed,
I mistooken her for Mummy!
But when I saw Mummy, I wanted to jump onto the bed.
And then, Mummy and her friend took me downstairs again.
I heard a dog barking somewhere from the air. o.o
The bark was loud and fierce.
After a while, we went home and after breakfast,
Mummy's friend went home.
Mummy carried me to the lift to see her friend off.

Right now I am lying beside Mummy.
She's going to bring me down for a walk soon. (:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am Rainy the Black Miniature Schnauzer.
Born on 7th of January 2007.
My friends call me Rain or Rainy.
My mummy calls me Rainy boy, Rainy and sometimes,
Rainy or
Because she says that I am her pig. o.o

I used to stay with another family before my Mummy adopted me
on 8th of August 2007.
I am 7 months old now.
PS: I am a big boy now. :D
But my Mummy don't think so.
She says that I am still young with so much to learn.

I am currently learning to be toilet-trained by my Mummy &grand-parents.
I don't mean to pee and poo in the living room but sometimes,
I just get confused. ):
But Mummy is tolerant enough to not beat me.
She will take me to the Scene of Crime and make me sit there
while she says a stern, NO!
My ah-gong and Mummy takes me downstairs for walks
and for me to empty myself.
But I just can't do it.
I am not used to it as my previous owner didn't bring me down for walks before.

It's been 3 days since I came to my new house.
And I have been marking my territory around the living room and kitchen.
I love my Mummy.
Whenever she stands up,
I follow.
Wherever she goes,
I am there.
And I just love jumping up on her and licking her face to wake her up in the morning.
And when I am just tired, I would absolutely love to lie down beside her.
She's the BEST! (:

My Mummy is currently worried because she have never heard me bark at all.
Even when other dogs are barking, all I ever do is to just be alert.
Maybe it's because I am still young but I will find the inner me soon.
Mummy says that I am too friendly to strangers.
She says that I must be fierce to them so that those mean ones can't do me any harm.
Mummy also bought toys for me but I just can't seem to pick them up.
Maybe it's because my mouth is too small? ^.^"
But I really just love the company of my Mummy.
She lets me into her room and I will just quietly lay beside her while she's staring at a bright screen with loads of wordings and something that spells,
'My Copmuetr'
or something like that.
And it comes with a Mouse pad,
but then why not a Cat pad or a Dog pad? *thinks*

So that's all about myself.
I will once in a while,
update you guys on details in my life. (: