Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ah-ma bought me a cage yesterday.
But it was too small for me,
so changed it today.
I got my license already!
Hooray. (:
Now I can run anywhere I like.

Mummy says that she's thinking of bringing me to the MS gathering on 2nd Sept.
Held at Pawtobello.
Never been there before.
PrayPrayPray that Mummy will be free on that day to bring me there to make new friends. ((:
Today I was left alone at home for 59827487501 hours. o.o
Ah-gong went to coach snooker and Ah-ma was at work.
While Mummy was in school.
When Mummy came home,
I jumped on her and wanted her to hug me.
But Mummy needed to clean up my poo first.
Oops. :x

Mummy says she's lazy to blog already.
Night. (:


powder-puff said...

hello RAINY!!!!

nice to meet you i am powder-puff , the WUG!!!

i found your link from mr.happys bloggy , good thing i did becuase i LUV reading your blog!!!!

i hope you post some more recent pictures soon !!!!

feel free to drop by my blog anytime i would LUV to hear from you!!

peace out

-brokenangelz- said...

hello powder-puff!
thanks for the comment. (:
will post more pictures of myself.