Monday, August 13, 2007

Today I made Mummy very proud. (:
Let's just start with last night first.

I peed on Mummy's mattress. o.o
And Mummy was quite unhappy.
She kept telling me,
'NO pee pee here'
But I was confused.
So Mummy brought me to the kitchen.

At night, after Mummy finished her bath,
Mummy was surfing the big screenie intensively.
After staring for a while, Mummy went to the kitchen and I followed.
Mummy took out my squeaky toy and kept on squeaking while I jumped up and down.
Then Mummy started making barking noises at me while focusing on me.
I have no idea why Mummy did that but after a while, she stopped and gave me my toy.
Then Mummy said to Ah-ma,
'I think...blah...blah...Rainy is...blah...blah...mute...'
I pretended not to hear anything and continued with my toy.
Then when 2 lil boys walked pass the door, I stood there and looked.
One of them said,
While the other said,
'Why don't...blah...know bark de...'

Mummy heard what they said and looked at me.
She called me over and sayang-ed me.
Then made me look at her in the eye while she said,
'Why you don't know how to bark huh? My baby Rainy boy.'
And then Mummy went to feed me my dinner.
At first, Mummy kept making barking noises at me while holding my doggy bowl behind her.
All I did was jumping up and down.
Mummy gave up and gave me my food.
After eating, Mummy continued to surf the big screenie,
while I laid down sleeping.
Ah-gong returned home and when he was near the gate,

Mummy, Ah-ma and Ah-gong were all shocked.
Immediately I ran over to the gate and Mummy praised me plus she gave me treats.
Wow. Yummy! (:
After that, Mummy was proud of me.
I am not sure whether it got to me that Mummy thinks that I can't bark,
but I am sure that at least now, Mummy is happy.

This morning when Ah-ma woke up,
she locked me up in the toilet so that I will pee and poo in there
but I didn't.
I was far too excited to get out to be able to quietly focus on my business.
Then, Mummy let me out and I peed in her room. o.o"
Mummy shook her head and kept on saying,
'NO! NO pee pee here!'
Then, Mummy took out my leash and was ready to bring me down for my walk.
Mummy is not going to school today
After walking for 10 minutes or so,
I pooped and Mummy got a newspaper ready.
I can see that Mummy was quite happy that I pooped downstairs.
Another thing that Mummy is proud of. (:

Mummy says that I am beginning to grow up.
And that Mummy will buy treats for me tomorrow after school.

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