Friday, December 21, 2007

Mummy is back from China.
Well, she was back since last week.
And so my life is perfect again. (:

*the more i look at Rainy, the more i feel that he looks like a teddy bear*

The cute cute me.

Ah-gong carrying me.

Chewing my toy.

Mummy's pillow is me.

And Mummy created a blog picture for me.
Huggies! :D

Friday, December 7, 2007

Mummy is going overseas today. ):
So there will be no updates till 15th Dec.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mummy took me to view Rainbow's blog.
Looks quite fun at Pawtobello yesterday.

I want a big big bone!
I want a big big cake!
I want a big big kiss &hug from a pretty doggie!

*Rainy, how about i get your toy bone to kiss you?*

Ah-ma promised to bring me to Pawtobello on the 6th of January.
I must behave myself and not act like a first-time-going-out dog.
Mummy has my pictures stuck in her phone.
She is lazy to plug her cable in.
Hmph! xp

I guess I will just have to bug her to do so.
And there's news that I will have to undergo Frontline tonight because Mummy and Ah-ma found 2 more ticks on me recently.
Oh my!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rainy here again.
This time, to update on my items sold.
Mummy sold my playpen and tear-stain removal away.
And the cesar carrier is on the way to being sold.
I guess if Mummy can't sell my shirt, she will keep it and make me squeeze into it.
Oh humans! xp

Today is my weekly bath-day again.
Ah-ma said that I am stinky.
Mummy said that I smell nice.
Ah-gong nothing to say.
I think I smell just right.
So there's no need for a bath right?

*sure Rainy, keep dreaming*

I will update more after my bath.
Now pictures &videos time! :D

Me in the lift.

Sleepy me looking grumpy.

Woo! Look at Ah-ma's leg.

Now videos.

Me chewing my bone with Ah-ma.
And of course Mummy as the lousy camera human.

Ah-gong and Ah-ma training me.
And again, Mummy as the lousy camera human.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello people!
Again, Mummy is clearing my unuse stuff.
Like this shirt.
If you guys can remember, Mummy bought this for me back in August or September.
And well, I don't wear it and now, I am too fat for it. o.o
So Mummy is selling it.

Dog Fever Doggie Shirt.
Never worn before and am too fat for it now.
Selling at $15.
*price negotiable*
Collection at Woodlands MRT or Marsiling MRT.
Or *Bishan MRT from Monday - Friday.
*subjective to seller's schedule*
Please leave a comment or SMS Mummy at 96712153.

Size 4.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Aid.
Used thrice but now I don't pee at home anymore so selling.
Bottle still quite full.
Selling at $10.
Collection at Woodlands MRT or Marsiling MRT.

Or *Bishan MRT from Monday - Friday.
*subjective to seller's schedule*
Please leave a comment or SMS Mummy at 96712153.

Four Paws Crystal Eye Tear Stain Removal.
Used once.
Selling at $8.
Collection at Woodlands MRT or Marsiling MRT.
Or *Bishan MRT from Monday - Friday.

*subjective to seller's schedule*
Please leave a comment or SMS Mummy at 96712153.

the red line indicates remaining level.

Please spread the word people!
If Mummy can successfully sell EVERYTHING away, then Mummy can bring me to Pawtobello this Sunday! :D
Clearance sale!
Clearance sale!
What's the word that those humans use when there's a sale?
Lelong Lelong!

Play pen with pee tray included.
Condition: 10/10
Used once but didn't pee nor poo in the pee tray.
Measurements: 90.5 x 6.5 x 64.5 cm.
Selling at $50.
*price negotiable*
Collection at Woodlands MRT or Marsiling MRT.
Please leave a comment or SMS Mummy at 96712153.

Cesar dog carrier.
Condition: 9/10
Bought from DS but too small.
Measurements: 46 x 25 x 21 cm.
Selling at $12.
Collection at Woodlands MRT or Marsiling MRT.
Please leave a comment or SMS Mummy at 96712153.

Hello people!
I haven't been updating as regularly.
So am here to update now! :D

Mummy bought a new squeaky toy for me yesterday.
A crocodile!
RAHH! xp
And brought me for a walk around the beautiful housing estate.
I saw many HUGE doggies.
And Mummy thought I was fat!
Wait till she see the size of those doggies there.

Mummy is doing some clearance sale of my unused stuff.
Will post up the pictures in another post. (:

Now for some of my pictures!

Hiding myself in Mummy's blanket.

Actually I am chewing it! xp

Ahh! Caught! I hide!

Forget it. Since I am already caught, might as well continue. (:

Mummy brought me down at night to wait for Ah-ma.
So we waited and waited and waited.

See my long shadow casting across the floor.

Yikes! Too bright!

Messy bed and messy me.


This is my hamster friend. Tubby! (:

Now back to sleeping for me.
After I post up the pictures of the stuffs to sell.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally I have gotten Mummy to upload my pictures! :D
And now Mummy is lazy to blog.
Boo! ):

Rainy, Me, has been a very good boy.
Pee and poo downstairs.
Good boy Rainy. (:

Waiting for treat.

Still waiting.

Faster lah! My neck is tired. xp

Woo! Finally!

Don't disturb me.


All gone?!

That's all my paws. (:
Go home ask lazy Mummy to update. xp

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I have gotten my e-collar off.
Now I am much much better. (:

Rainy, or should I say, Mummy, is lazy to write more.
So here's pictures.

Marley & Me.


Sleeping on Mummy's bed.

Gloomy me.

Sleepy head.

Sleepy me. In a sleepy position.

Finally my e-collar is off.

Where'd Mummy go?

My tablets.

My card.

My medicines, cream and card.

Bye bye. :D

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I am 11 months old!

&3 months eversince I came into Mummy's life.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

After my trip to the vet, there's something extra on me.
An e-collar! ):
Now I am totally depressed.
The e-collar is to keep me from licking my peepee area.
Hmph! xp

Ah-gong have been bringing me down for walks in the morning and afternoon when Mummy comes back from school.
And Mummy will bring me down in the evening.
Thus, I pee and poo mostly downstairs. (:

Let me blog about my day today first.
Before I blog about my vet visit. :D

I did my trick with my e-collar on.
I am mastering it.
When Ah-gong gives me my biscuit and says, 'No', I will listen.
When others around me says, 'Yes' or 'Ok', I won't bother them.
Only when Ah-gong says, 'Yes', then I will eat.
Same goes for Mummy.
When Ah-gong says, 'Yes', I won't eat. (:
So I listen to the one giving me the treat.

Pictures time!

Mummy somehow tricked me to look happy.

Roasted PIG.

Mummy was at the bus-stop when she took this.

My depressed face.

Mummy says I look like a Pooky.
Meaning? A teddy bear. xp

Sleepy head.

Waited for Ah-ma to return home from work before going to the vet.
Ah-gong's friend was around so he drove us there.
Many other doggie friends are waiting to see the vet too.
I saw a 5 months old white schnauzer.
He is so small.
I look like a giant beside him. o.o
And before going in, I saw a salt and pepper schnauzer.
He was wearing shoes. (:
Finally it was my turn.
The vet said that I must stop licking my pee area.
He gave me a cream and antibiotics plus another medicine.
Mummy didn't take a picture of my medicine this time.
But she will tomorrow. (:

The vet gave me an e-collar to wear.
To prevent me from licking.
Boo! ):

Me with my e-collar.
See how sad I am?

In the lift.



Admiring the scenery.

Manja me on Ah-ma's shoulder.

That's about it.
Have a great day everyone. (: