Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hello people!
I haven't been updating as regularly.
So am here to update now! :D

Mummy bought a new squeaky toy for me yesterday.
A crocodile!
RAHH! xp
And brought me for a walk around the beautiful housing estate.
I saw many HUGE doggies.
And Mummy thought I was fat!
Wait till she see the size of those doggies there.

Mummy is doing some clearance sale of my unused stuff.
Will post up the pictures in another post. (:

Now for some of my pictures!

Hiding myself in Mummy's blanket.

Actually I am chewing it! xp

Ahh! Caught! I hide!

Forget it. Since I am already caught, might as well continue. (:

Mummy brought me down at night to wait for Ah-ma.
So we waited and waited and waited.

See my long shadow casting across the floor.

Yikes! Too bright!

Messy bed and messy me.


This is my hamster friend. Tubby! (:

Now back to sleeping for me.
After I post up the pictures of the stuffs to sell.

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