Saturday, November 3, 2007

I was brought to the petshop for a grooming.
A small one.
Shaved my butt fur and my eyebrows.
Now I feel like a butt-naked dog!
I cant even stand for a minute without sitting down.
Ok. Maybe not so much of a WEE!
More like a BOO! ):

Mummy bought a retractable leash for me.
So that I won't keep pulling on the leash and thus coughing more.
But it's hard to control me.
Mummy is still mastering the skill.

Now I want to complain about this stupid auntie!
After Mummy touched me, all Mummy did was accidentally brushed this auntie's hand.
And the auntie actually 'tsk-ed' and went to wipe her hand!
Think you very clean meh? xp

Me waiting for Mummy and Ah-ma outside the clinic.

My lovely bed with my toy.


Eh. Hello?

What is this? My bed?

Ahh! Yes. I can feel the warmth.

I am turning 11 months old soon.

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