Wednesday, November 7, 2007

After my trip to the vet, there's something extra on me.
An e-collar! ):
Now I am totally depressed.
The e-collar is to keep me from licking my peepee area.
Hmph! xp

Ah-gong have been bringing me down for walks in the morning and afternoon when Mummy comes back from school.
And Mummy will bring me down in the evening.
Thus, I pee and poo mostly downstairs. (:

Let me blog about my day today first.
Before I blog about my vet visit. :D

I did my trick with my e-collar on.
I am mastering it.
When Ah-gong gives me my biscuit and says, 'No', I will listen.
When others around me says, 'Yes' or 'Ok', I won't bother them.
Only when Ah-gong says, 'Yes', then I will eat.
Same goes for Mummy.
When Ah-gong says, 'Yes', I won't eat. (:
So I listen to the one giving me the treat.

Pictures time!

Mummy somehow tricked me to look happy.

Roasted PIG.

Mummy was at the bus-stop when she took this.

My depressed face.

Mummy says I look like a Pooky.
Meaning? A teddy bear. xp

Sleepy head.

Waited for Ah-ma to return home from work before going to the vet.
Ah-gong's friend was around so he drove us there.
Many other doggie friends are waiting to see the vet too.
I saw a 5 months old white schnauzer.
He is so small.
I look like a giant beside him. o.o
And before going in, I saw a salt and pepper schnauzer.
He was wearing shoes. (:
Finally it was my turn.
The vet said that I must stop licking my pee area.
He gave me a cream and antibiotics plus another medicine.
Mummy didn't take a picture of my medicine this time.
But she will tomorrow. (:

The vet gave me an e-collar to wear.
To prevent me from licking.
Boo! ):

Me with my e-collar.
See how sad I am?

In the lift.



Admiring the scenery.

Manja me on Ah-ma's shoulder.

That's about it.
Have a great day everyone. (:

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