Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Or as I like to call it, HOWLoween. (:

Where's my treat?!

Mummy fed me my medicine again.
This time, I didn't vomit or anything.
But I did still cough a little bit.

Back off to bed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today I went to see the vet.
AMK Surgery.
I was choking/coughing since last night.
Then Ah-ma also cannot sleep but Mummy slept like a pig. o.o
And this morning I vomited a little bit so Ah-ma said to bring me to the vet.
So Mummy didn't attend school today.

Ah-gong asked me to wake Mummy up.
So I jumped on to the bed and kissed her.
Then brought me down to pee/poo first before calling a taxi.
Many taxi driver didn't stop when they saw me.
And so Mummy was getting frustrated and got Ah-gong to call for a cab.
Ah-gong didn't even get to talk to the operator that we have a dog.
But thank goodness the cab that came agreed to take me. (:

Saw many other doggie friends there.
It was my turn shortly.
Doctor Kenneth said that I was coughing.
Due to my windpipe being wobbly.
Most normal dog will have a strong windpipe but mine was a little wobbly.
Then Mummy requested that he gave me a heartworm test.
I was heartworm negative and so he gave me the prevention jab.
I was a good boy and didn't even struggle.
So he gave me a cough mixture.

Mummy went to the pet shop next to the vet and bought me a bed! (:
I was so sleepy when I reached home.

Me sleeping.


Blur face.

Sleepy head.

Sleepy head again.

My new bed! (:

My proheart test card.

My vaccination card.


My medicine.

It was raining. ):

Enjoying the rain.

Where'd Ah-gong go?

Blur me.

I just had my medicine.
But I guess I didn't like the taste.
Again I cough and vomited out some white white thing.
Ah-gong said that it is the phlegm.
So he called the clinic and the doctor said that next time lower down the dosage of the medicine.
I feel so sick.
I can't even sleep! ):
Guess no walking for me these few days.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am lazy to write about my woofday.
So there is only 2 pictures. (:

This one was dug up. Why does it look like Ah-gong is strangling me?

Mummy took this of me.

Mummy is watching the television show now.
About dogs.
And I am lazing around.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have got a very very very bad news.
Mummy is going to China for 1 whole week in December!
She is going there for some community programme with her schoolmates.
And I am going to be so lonely.
Plus if Mummy goes back to Brunei in February, then what will happen to me?
And Mummy is also saying that she don't know what to do.
As to whether to go back for Chinese New Year or to stay here.

I am feeling so blue.
Firstly, I wanna say a big big big, HUGE,
THANKS to Puff for giving me this award.

The Sweet Treat.

Thanks again. (:
Now that proves that I am really sweet.

*Erm...Can I eat that? xp*

*rainy, stop bragging and drooling*

So Mummy and Ah-gong brought me down in the morning to see Mummy off to the bus stop.
Then Mummy went off when the bus came.

I am currently sleeping and typing this in my dream. (:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures and video are up. (:
Realised that Mummy has been taking my video recently.
Must be too free.

Mummy was watching this video while carrying me and she cried. o.o
It's about this dog in Japanese and how she died of old age.
And the bonds she had with her young owner.
Can watch it here.


Me chewing my new toy.

My yumyums.

My new toy. (:

Behold the bread.

Eck! I CHEW!

Who put that towel on me?

Sleepy head.

And my video.

Chewing my new toy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I vomitted recently.
Can say is quite some time back.
And after that, Mummy has been watching my diet.
Today, she fed me a small, small, tiny, puny stretch of peanut butter. o.o
I can't even taste the peanut. :p

I am sad to say that there is no picture of me!
Because Mummy's handphone is full of junk!
Other than pictures and videos of me, the other memory hogging stuffs are all junk. (:
But she will clear them soon.
So for the time being, let's just rot.
And pray that a puppy gathering will come soon. :D

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Changed my bedsheet.
Guess what colour is it?
Should have known it.
But it is nicer now.
Because my previous one was torn till.......o.o

Mummy spent 2 hours yesterday combing my fur for me.
I was constantly trying to escape. =x
Then today, it's bath time.
Mummy spent 45 minutes combing me again.
And cut so much fur off me! o.o
But I think I look much more handsome. (:

So Mummy took a video for me.
I was refusing for my beard to be combed.
And so I look grumpy.
Please don't laugh. xp

My grumpy look for beard combing.

Updating time! :D
Today's breakfast time was strangely fun.
I met Ah-gong friend's dog.
And he kept smelling me to see if I am a female dog!
Hmph! >:(
So I got angry.
But then it's alright.

Went down for walks and boy, was I happy! (:
Pictures time!

My sleeping position. If only I can sue these humans for taking my censored pictures.

Walk walk.

The cuddly.

Anybody home?

This is how I eat my apple.

Mummy's pillow fell from the ceiling!

That's all fellow friends.
More to come. (:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mummy have been real lazy to update my blog for me.
Her new school term has started.
So that explains why my blog hasn't been updated.

*promise will update this saturday or sunday*

You read her words.
By this weekend! (:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I am in the midst of learning my new trick.
That is to stay when the treat is on Mummy's hand and when Mummy say 'Ok', then I can eat.
I am doing pretty well.
Whenever Mummy shows me a finger, I will sit and when she says 'No', I will just sit there looking at the treat till she signals me to go ahead. (:
I am not working well on the 'Ok' part though.
When Mummy says 'Ok', I am still sitting there staring at the treat.
It is only when Mummy shove the treat nearer to me then I will get up and eat. o.o

*nevermind. it takes time (:*

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have been extremely barky this morning.


Because we were getting ready to go for breakfast and I was so eager that I kept barking and whining, thinking when are they going to bring me out.
Guess I disturbed the neighbours. >.<

Had breakfast at a snack house.
And they have this cat.
He's fierce. o.o
Saw Ah-gong friend's dog and he was scared of me.
Hmph! Why?!
Is it because I am too overly friendly?

Came home and had a bath.
I was so tired that I kept escaping from the bathroom.
Then it's time to blow dry me with the dryer.
Too tired to fight back and just lay there.
Half sleeping now as I am typing.

That's all for the morning. (:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Today's updates!

Mummy donated food to Dober. (:
He is a poor Mongrel found by a kind dog lover, Sandy.
His tail was raw and left 30% hanging.
So had his tail docked and now he's much better.

Uploaded my video and my pictures!
Enjoy. :D

Actually this was the amount that Mummy was going to give Dober as that's all that is left of my kibbles.

Then Ah-ma said not enough so went to buy a new packet of kibbles for Dober. (:

Hope Dober gets well soon.

And now time for my videos!

*please note that video quality ain't too good*

Slowly eating my dental stick till Mummy couldn't stand it anymore and didn't wait for me to finish. xp

Playing with my squeaky.

My towels.

Hope you have enjoyed. (:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pictures up! :D

Grumpy face.

The silly me.

Mummy said that this is suppose to be me, a coconut head. >.<
Drawn by Ah-gong.

Ah-ma giving me my bone.

Rahh! I CHEW!

Walk walk.

When is she going to give me my treat?!

Where'd everyone go?

Ooooh! There they are.

I have videos too.
But Mummy have not uploaded them yet.
So maybe tomorrow or so. (:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hi people!
This is just a short update on me.
No pictures, no long story, no nothing.

So as I was saying, a short update.
Went for dinner with Mummy, Ah-ma, Ah-gong and Kenneth Korkor last night.
I was such a good boy that he praised me. :D
And it was raining so wanted to take a cab home but the uncle said,
Hmph! #$%!*#(%#$%!
If I can speak, I will scold him. xp
Make Ah-ma and Mummy have to carry me and the umbrella.
Ah-gong took the cab with Kenneth Korkor.

Had a short groom earlier on.
It was tiresome.
Don't get me wrong, not for me, but for Mummy and Ah-ma.
Haha. They were so tired trying to get me to stay still. o.o

Well, that's all for the short update. (:

*pictures will be updated either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow*

Sunday, October 7, 2007


My scruffy look after a nap.

Don't look at me!

My new squeaky bone.

Scuff scuff!
And tomorrow, I will be in my new home for 2 months already.
Time really flies. (:
Mummy just told me that Herbie, a GR, passed away on Friday.
I don't know Herbie at all but still, it's sad to know that a fellow woof-friend is gone.
Be happy Herbie. (:
Hope you are in a good place now.

Mummy says that she is afraid of losing me someday too.
Should I really go to the Rainbow bridge, she will probably cry and cry.
But going over to the otherside is a process sooner or later to come.
And I guess in us dogs, it is coming much more sooner than it is to a human.
And should that day come when it's time for me to go, I wouldn't know what to do.
There's still so much I have yet to do.
I still have not pee/poo in the toilet for Mummy to see. =p

Now back to the event.

*Rainy, you are a jinx*

Why does it have to rain everytime when I am going out?
That's it!
I don't want to be called RAINY anymore!
From now on, call me SUNNY!
Hmph! ):<

*fine fine, Rai...erh, Sunny. cool down*

Ok. Maybe Rainy sounds better.
But still if it rains again the next time I am planning to go out, I am through with this name.
Enough complaining.
I have had a long day today.
Eating biscuits, running here and there.
Time for a nap! :D

Saturday, October 6, 2007

*sorry for the late update*

So Mummy updated for me my photos. (:
Not much by the way.
But there's more soon to come.
Went out for breakfast today.
I was a good lil boy. :D

Me on Mummy's bed.

My black and white world.

Being a good boy getting ready to go out.

Die ticks! DIE! :D

Well, had my bath already.
And Mummy and Ah-gong helped me to dry up and combed me.
Now I am looking fluffy.
But feels so tired, so Mummy can't take a picture of me just yet.

My wish for the day,
And besides, I turn 9 months old on October 7.
The day of the event. :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Once again, Mummy is quite busy.
Everyday coming back home around 7-8pm.
Hur...I miss those days when she will be at home with me and keep bringing me down for walks.
But just endure for a few more days Rainy!
By the end of next week, she's FREE!
*Erhem* (:

Updated my links and linked up all those cute doggie's blogs.
Been wanting to update some of my pictures but because Mummy is currently falling asleep while holding me up to type,
I guess I will give her a day or two to update my pictures.
*sorry boyboy, will update tomorrow.*
So today's update is basically only about the updates.
Hee. :D