Saturday, October 20, 2007

Changed my bedsheet.
Guess what colour is it?
Should have known it.
But it is nicer now.
Because my previous one was torn till.......o.o

Mummy spent 2 hours yesterday combing my fur for me.
I was constantly trying to escape. =x
Then today, it's bath time.
Mummy spent 45 minutes combing me again.
And cut so much fur off me! o.o
But I think I look much more handsome. (:

So Mummy took a video for me.
I was refusing for my beard to be combed.
And so I look grumpy.
Please don't laugh. xp

My grumpy look for beard combing.


powder-puff said...

hey RAINY!!!!!

AAAARRROOO sounds like it was a bath day.........O-o

Judging from the video you put up quite the fight, and even when you are grumpy youre still ADORABLE!!!

peace out

-brokenangelz- said...

Puff, THANKS! :D
I am always grumpy whenever it's beard combing time.
But I am forever letting treats get the better of me. :p

Paws, Rainy.