Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hi people!
This is just a short update on me.
No pictures, no long story, no nothing.

So as I was saying, a short update.
Went for dinner with Mummy, Ah-ma, Ah-gong and Kenneth Korkor last night.
I was such a good boy that he praised me. :D
And it was raining so wanted to take a cab home but the uncle said,
Hmph! #$%!*#(%#$%!
If I can speak, I will scold him. xp
Make Ah-ma and Mummy have to carry me and the umbrella.
Ah-gong took the cab with Kenneth Korkor.

Had a short groom earlier on.
It was tiresome.
Don't get me wrong, not for me, but for Mummy and Ah-ma.
Haha. They were so tired trying to get me to stay still. o.o

Well, that's all for the short update. (:

*pictures will be updated either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow*

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