Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today I went to see the vet.
AMK Surgery.
I was choking/coughing since last night.
Then Ah-ma also cannot sleep but Mummy slept like a pig. o.o
And this morning I vomited a little bit so Ah-ma said to bring me to the vet.
So Mummy didn't attend school today.

Ah-gong asked me to wake Mummy up.
So I jumped on to the bed and kissed her.
Then brought me down to pee/poo first before calling a taxi.
Many taxi driver didn't stop when they saw me.
And so Mummy was getting frustrated and got Ah-gong to call for a cab.
Ah-gong didn't even get to talk to the operator that we have a dog.
But thank goodness the cab that came agreed to take me. (:

Saw many other doggie friends there.
It was my turn shortly.
Doctor Kenneth said that I was coughing.
Due to my windpipe being wobbly.
Most normal dog will have a strong windpipe but mine was a little wobbly.
Then Mummy requested that he gave me a heartworm test.
I was heartworm negative and so he gave me the prevention jab.
I was a good boy and didn't even struggle.
So he gave me a cough mixture.

Mummy went to the pet shop next to the vet and bought me a bed! (:
I was so sleepy when I reached home.

Me sleeping.


Blur face.

Sleepy head.

Sleepy head again.

My new bed! (:

My proheart test card.

My vaccination card.


My medicine.

It was raining. ):

Enjoying the rain.

Where'd Ah-gong go?

Blur me.

I just had my medicine.
But I guess I didn't like the taste.
Again I cough and vomited out some white white thing.
Ah-gong said that it is the phlegm.
So he called the clinic and the doctor said that next time lower down the dosage of the medicine.
I feel so sick.
I can't even sleep! ):
Guess no walking for me these few days.


powder-puff said...

Hey rainy!!

I hope you get better really soon!!!!!!

Sending you wet sloppy kisses and good wishes your way!!!

peace out

-brokenangelz- said...

Thanks! :D
I am sure with your warm wishes and kisses, I will get well in no time. (:

Paws, Rainy.