Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hi people!
Rainy is back.
Many things have been happening.
I will be going to renew my heartworm vacc next Sunday.
Here are the pictures that Mummy promised.

My new toy.
Mr Froggy.

If you squeeze his tummy, he makes a ribet ribet sound.

Me giving Chocky a sniff.

After grooming by Mummy.

Here's Chocky.


Meet Chocky.
Mummy says that he's my little brother.

But all he does is just sit around all day. :/

He smells weird.


Can you find me?


I have many pictures!
No videos.
Tomorrow is bathday again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mummy says that she's going to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua some time next week.
Then she will tell me if it's good.
Can't wait!

I am terribly sorry and sad about the lack of updates.
But from today onwards, will make it a point to update Rainy's blog once every week. (:
Have loads of Rainy pictures to upload.
Will do so tomorrow.
That's a promise.
Or else I will miss my 11am show *it means a great deal to me*. ((: