Saturday, December 1, 2007

Rainy here again.
This time, to update on my items sold.
Mummy sold my playpen and tear-stain removal away.
And the cesar carrier is on the way to being sold.
I guess if Mummy can't sell my shirt, she will keep it and make me squeeze into it.
Oh humans! xp

Today is my weekly bath-day again.
Ah-ma said that I am stinky.
Mummy said that I smell nice.
Ah-gong nothing to say.
I think I smell just right.
So there's no need for a bath right?

*sure Rainy, keep dreaming*

I will update more after my bath.
Now pictures &videos time! :D

Me in the lift.

Sleepy me looking grumpy.

Woo! Look at Ah-ma's leg.

Now videos.

Me chewing my bone with Ah-ma.
And of course Mummy as the lousy camera human.

Ah-gong and Ah-ma training me.
And again, Mummy as the lousy camera human.

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