Sunday, August 26, 2007

I am back to update.

Aunt Alice and Uncle Andy came.
And Aunty Alice dotes on me so much.
i can sense the smell of other dogs on her
Mummy says that if she brings me back, I will probably have heaps of doggie friends. (:
Well, I was left alone at home with Uncle andy last night.
And this morning, I was a very good boy. :D
I peed and pooped downstairs in the morning.
Then I was left alone at home!
Poopers. ):

So I decided to be a naughty boy and pooped in the living room.
Then Ah-gong and Uncle Andy came back.
Uncle Andy took a picture of me and Ah-gong.
When Aunt Alice and Uncle Andy were about to leave, Mummy brought me along.
So I ran all about downstairs.
Mummy accidentally lost grip of my leash TWICE.
So I ran and ran.
Then Mummy shouted my name and I stopped.
it's scary

Currently, Mummy is still thinking of whether to bring me to Pawtobello next Rainday.
As Ah-gong may not be free and must take a taxi there.
Anyway, I have gotten my bath earlier on.
I take a bath once every 4 days! o.o
It's tiring.
Yeah yeah.
Humans *mumble*

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