Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yesterday was fun. (:
Mummy's friend came and she called me her 'grandson'. o.o
At first, Mummy said that the ball she bought is too big for me to bite,
BUT when Mummy threw the ball, I bit it in with my mouth,
and Mummy was so proud of me.
She asked me to give the ball to her but I ran away to play with it instead. :D

Mummy and her friend brought me downstairs for a walk at night around 8pm.
I finally took the courage to jump over the drain.
Once again, another thing that Mummy is proud of.
And I saw a lil Maltese puppy.
The puppy barked at me when I jumped on the owner.
But I didn't bark back, and that makes Mummy...
So, we walked for a whole 1.5 hours.
Ah-gong said that must stay downstairs longer so that I will pee and poo
but I didn't.
When we came up,
Ah-ma wants Mummy to clean my paws first before stepping into the house.

Afraid that I will relieve myself in the living room,
Ah-ma put me in the kitchen and closed the door.
But I miss Mummy loads and so I kept banging the door
that Ah-gong let me out.
Mummy and her friend played the big screen thing and I just quietly laid beside Mummy.
But then, it was time to go to sleep.
Mummy's friend was staying over.
Ah-gong accompanied me outside.
But I kept banging Mummy's room door.
Guess that kept them up.

Mummy is thinking of enrolling me into an obedience class.
But it's costly, so Mummy is thinking of finding a holiday job and whatever money she earns is going to be spent on me.
I won't let her down. (:

And today I woke up Mummy and her friend.
Because Mummy's friend was sleeping in Mummy's bed,
I mistooken her for Mummy!
But when I saw Mummy, I wanted to jump onto the bed.
And then, Mummy and her friend took me downstairs again.
I heard a dog barking somewhere from the air. o.o
The bark was loud and fierce.
After a while, we went home and after breakfast,
Mummy's friend went home.
Mummy carried me to the lift to see her friend off.

Right now I am lying beside Mummy.
She's going to bring me down for a walk soon. (:

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