Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am Rainy the Black Miniature Schnauzer.
Born on 7th of January 2007.
My friends call me Rain or Rainy.
My mummy calls me Rainy boy, Rainy and sometimes,
Rainy or
Because she says that I am her pig. o.o

I used to stay with another family before my Mummy adopted me
on 8th of August 2007.
I am 7 months old now.
PS: I am a big boy now. :D
But my Mummy don't think so.
She says that I am still young with so much to learn.

I am currently learning to be toilet-trained by my Mummy &grand-parents.
I don't mean to pee and poo in the living room but sometimes,
I just get confused. ):
But Mummy is tolerant enough to not beat me.
She will take me to the Scene of Crime and make me sit there
while she says a stern, NO!
My ah-gong and Mummy takes me downstairs for walks
and for me to empty myself.
But I just can't do it.
I am not used to it as my previous owner didn't bring me down for walks before.

It's been 3 days since I came to my new house.
And I have been marking my territory around the living room and kitchen.
I love my Mummy.
Whenever she stands up,
I follow.
Wherever she goes,
I am there.
And I just love jumping up on her and licking her face to wake her up in the morning.
And when I am just tired, I would absolutely love to lie down beside her.
She's the BEST! (:

My Mummy is currently worried because she have never heard me bark at all.
Even when other dogs are barking, all I ever do is to just be alert.
Maybe it's because I am still young but I will find the inner me soon.
Mummy says that I am too friendly to strangers.
She says that I must be fierce to them so that those mean ones can't do me any harm.
Mummy also bought toys for me but I just can't seem to pick them up.
Maybe it's because my mouth is too small? ^.^"
But I really just love the company of my Mummy.
She lets me into her room and I will just quietly lay beside her while she's staring at a bright screen with loads of wordings and something that spells,
'My Copmuetr'
or something like that.
And it comes with a Mouse pad,
but then why not a Cat pad or a Dog pad? *thinks*

So that's all about myself.
I will once in a while,
update you guys on details in my life. (:

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