Sunday, January 6, 2008

I can say that I am quite a lucky doggie.
I got my e-collar off yesterday.
At least I don't have to wear it to spend my birthday.
And today I am going to the vet one last time to check on my wound.
If everything is fine, I can stop on my medication. :D

Now all I am bummed at is not being able to go to Pawtobello to celebrate my birthday. ):
But Mummy says that she will buy a big big present for me!
Better do so or else I will keep on whining.

Ah-ma gave me a full-grooming by herself and now my fur is short short SHORT!
And I look skinny.
Eh, all that "DIET" worked off right? xp



I really look skinnier.

Mummy didn't take a picture of my infected area.
For fear that I cry?
Bleah. xp
But I am glad that the e-collar is off me.

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