Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Afternoon everyone!
Mummy made a speedy recovery!
Thanks to me. :D


Mummy's back to school today.
And when she came home, Ah-gong went to work.
Then Mummy brought me down and used my new harness and my retractable leash!
Oh yah.
Ah-ma bought me a new set of leash and harness.
Its orange in colour to match my collar.
But Mummy didn't use the new leash earlier on as the retractable leash was lying there lifeless.
And so Mummy decided to revive it.
Erm, I think humans have a weird mind.

This Sunday, Mummy is going to the FCI Dogshow.
But she's not bringing me! ):
What kind of a Mummy is she huh huh?!
So I guess I will just rot at home with Ah-ma and Ah-gong.
Hmph! xp


Mummy told me to sit and pose.

I got angry and went to the floor.

My psycho Mummy still continued to take my picture.

So I gave her my puppy stare.

Oh! The horror of me having such a psycho Mummy.
And one that loves taking picture of my butt.

Not to say a psycho Ah-gong as well.
He wants to dognap me with his hanky.


Ahh. Here's a decent shot.
Come closer.


Yikes! Too close! xp

I am particularly happy recently for no particular reason. (:

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