Monday, September 3, 2007

Currently in school.
SO decided to be real nice and help my PIG to update his blog.
So this post will be in MY FORMAT! :D
Ok. Lame.

Brought Rainy for nail cutting on saturday.
And he was extra well-behaved.
Didn't even move around or wanted to bite the groomer.
Just stayed there and let him cut his nails.
So proud of him. (:
Brought him down at night.
Saw SNAILS again!
And cats.
And one cat was so scared of Rainy that it ran up a tree?! o.o
And the other one ran away.

So he still has his Cat Scaring Skills.
Will post pictures when I get home and inform the PIG.

1 comment:

powder-puff said...

hi RAINY!!!!!

O-o NAIL cutting!!!!!!!!

actually i am not so bad at getting my nails cut either but it sure sounds bad!!!

good to know you are still improving your CAT SCARING skills!!!!

cant wait for the pawsome pictures!

peace out