Saturday, September 15, 2007

I have been a good boy lately.
As usual. (:
Saw a Chihuahua when Mummy brought me down last night.
Mummy's friend was waiting for the bus and then this Chihuahua came over.
I wanted to make friends with him but he scolded me.
Hmph. The owner says that he isn't very friendly.

So after waiting for the bus,
we went home.

Pictures time! (:

Chewy ball.

Ooooh! What's there?

Lazy night.


Penguin baby.


Cute puny tail.

Somehow, my body looks short here.


Eh. I was trying to eat my apple?

That's all pals!

1 comment:

powder-puff said...

heya RAINY!!!

A chihuahua that dosen't want to be friends with you....... thats just crazy!!!!!!!!!

loved all the pictures especially the one of your cute little stubby tail!!!

have a great weekend rainy!!!

peace out