Monday, September 17, 2007

My weekends were fun and relaxing.
Had a bath on Saturday and after that, I relaxed.
Mummy and Ah-gong brought me down yesterday and this afternoon.
I saw this pair of butterflies and went to be nosey around them
Mummy wanted to take a picture but couldn't as she needed to look after me too.
Oops. o.o
And I saw a beautiful cat today.
She wasn't afraid of me.
And yet, she can still lie down with me.
Haha. (:

The cat relaxing after she saw me leave.

Saying the final goodbye.


My cuteness!

Making eye contact.

Woof! Meow!

Hi kitty! :D

Weird dog.

The same pose.

Let me face the other side.

Trot Trot.

I am not afraid of the dog.

I didn't see the cat.

Oooh! There she is!


Is that dog dangerous?

Lazy bum. I laid a ball?


I moved!


Snail Snail.


Handsome pose.

Looking at the butterflies.

After all that, went upstairs and cleaned up.
Mummy let me walk beside her without the lease at the corridor.
And I know where my house is!
Mummy is so proud of me.
Plus I already know what 'MumMum' means.
It means 'Eating time' and whenever I hear it, I will get excited! :D


powder-puff said...

hey rainy!!!


That encounter you had with the cat was very interseting , ive never met a kitty, !!!

great pictures , i luv it when you strike such handsome poses!!!!!

peace out

-brokenangelz- said...

Haha. Thanks puff! And I saw your swimming pool photos. Must be super fun to take a dip in the refreshing pool. (:

Stay pretty!