Sunday, September 9, 2007

Went for breakfast in the morning.
An ang moh uncle kissed me when he saw me.
Aww. I still got it. My charm. (:
Went to petshop again to buy things.
Every sunday this is a daily routine.
Bought a tear-stain removal.
Ah-ma ordered a bed for me.
Pink in colour?
Haha. I am becoming a girl. o.o

Had my bath today and Ah-ma groomed me.
While Mummy held on to me, I kept struggling.
I yelped a few times and Mummy kept comforting me.
It hurts but I must endure.
Otherwise I will have to be botak!
I don't want to be shaved till no hair! :p
So I remained a good boy till the end.
Had a snack after that. (:

Mummy brought me down for a walk in the afternoon.
Mummy's friend came over for a short while.
I peed downstairs.
Heh. Good boy aren't I? (:
But my pee puddle was too big that it kena my leg. >.<
So Mummy brought me up and cleaned my leg.

Played around and waited for my foodie.
Mummy gave me too much that I didn't finish everything.
My canned food has finished and so Mummy is buying for me tomorrow.
I was too tired that when Ah-gong came home, I didn't jump up and bark.
Mummy carried me into the room and sayanged me.
I licked her face with my wet mouth after drinking. :D
Then Ah-ma checked my ears and felt a lump.
She wanted to see what it was but I kept turning my head.

Ah-gong gave me a bone to chew on and now I am happily chewing while typing.
Hohoho. ((:
Sleeping soon.
I have been a busy dog today.

1 comment:

powder-puff said...

hey RAINY!!!!

your a brave doggie to endure GROOMING, im lucky i just get a bath and i come out all fluffy and tangle free.......until i go outside!

WOW you did have a busy day , and what a nice way to end it with a bone to chew!!!

peace out