Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finally it's my turn to update!
Mummy says that I have been a good boy. (:
Mummy's friend came over to stay for 4 days.
And so they slept in the other room.
Ah-ma kept calling me to sleep but I stayed outside Mummy's room.
So finally, my PUPPY work paid off.
And Mummy let me sleep with her. ((:

Will be in order from the latest date to the oldest date.
Enjoy! :D

Mummy came home and when I saw her,
I barked so loud! (:

My new shirt.

My new squeaky.

My chewing bones.

My teethy biscuits.

All bundled up together.

Eh. Mummy was playing with me.

Candid shot. My stupid tongue. :p

The sleepy head me. With my bone.

3rd September
Mummy bought a new squeaky for me.
And my dental sticks.
Wee! :D

2nd September
Went for breakfast with Mummy, Ah-gong, Ah-ma and Mummy's friend.
Then went to petshop to buy my bones and a shirt for me! (:

My handsome back view. ((:

Meow Meow.

The cat saw me and ran up the tree!

Getting ready to run.

Cat looking at me walking away.


Mummy's friend and me on the swing.

In the petshop. This was supposed to be my new shirt, but it was too SMALL! ):

Having breakfast.

Woo! Birdies.

Hah! ME!

Eh. HI! (:

1st September
Had breakfast outside.
Went to petshop after that and had my nails cut!
Now I have pretty non-sharp nails. (:

31st August
Mummy and Mummy's friend brought me down at night.
And I saw many snails!


Swirl swirl.

Slowy the Snail.


2 snails.

I hide!

Crawl crawl.

So that's my weekends.
Pretty fun though.
Too bad I didn't get to go to Pawtobello.
But Mummy says that next time,
She promises to bring me there. :D

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powder-puff said...

hey RAINY,

What a pawsome update!!!!!

:O you got so many great prezzies too!!!

cant wait to hear more!!!!

peace out