Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rainy is once again back! :D
And Mummy is currently chewing on M&M's.
A piece of good good news.
In just 3 days.

Mummy is super proud of me.
And I made a new friend.
*I am not sure if it is spelt that way*
He is a siberian husky.
And we are about the same age. (:
Mummy says he is super strong.

Now it's picture time!

First up,
My handsome face.

Then my trademark look.

Once again.

My new donut.

*Sniff* *Sniff*
Can eat?

Apparently not.

Disturbing the big screen user.

Yet again.

Enough about me.
Now Mummy wants to talk about a cat.
Supposely a stray cat and yet Mummy has her doubts.

so i found this cat downstairs when rainy kept barking at it.
and i realised that i have never seen this cat before.
so i assume that it isn't a stray.
and its fur was properly maintained.
and its quite fat too.
plus it isn't afraid of people.
and its also gentle because i stroked it before and it meowed back in a very sweet voice.
so it doesn't look like a stray at all.
but that's only my opinion.
do hope if it belongs to someone, it can be reunited back soon*

A beauty.

It's quite big.

Yet gentle.

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